Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mindset to Attract Money

In order to attract money you have to be open and have a mindset which is open to receiving money. Look at the below points and apply it your daily life to be a money magnet.

Believe in Abundanace
Eliminate lackness from mind
Be Happy and make others.
Forget to think " its hard to earn money''
Dont focus on debt focus on Earning money.
Think of Porfit not Loss
Dont have a mindset like ''i cant afford it'' ''its very expensive''
Be a loving person love yourself and others, bless yourself with the amount of money you have, gratitude for what you have.
Be open to receiving money from any direction and any source of income.
Appreciate your efforts and aprreciate wealth all around you it may be wealthy people,posh car,hotel etc.
Dont be resisting in spending money on purchasing things which are necessary.
Act in the way you always want to be from now.
Believe it possible to earn money easily.
Have a yearly income goal to achieve.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Act Like a Person You want to Be

If you want to become a person who is financialy stable then you should first act and feel how it is to have financial freedom. Place your foot into the shoe you are looking to be like.

If you want to be businessman or an entrpernuer then you should act in a professional way during some time of the day, meet with people and act like the person you want to be this will raise your vibrations and attract more of the same.