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How to be a Money Magnet


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This blog will show you how MONEY can be Attracted towards you with the help of Law of

You may not be aware that what ever you think today is going to effect your tomorrow.

Your present is due to the previous thoughts which you had earlier.

I will give you some very Usefull Techniques which can help you a lot to attract Money if you follow it seriously,

It will change your life and the way you think about the money & other things which you desire or wish to have.

Every thing starts with the Law of Attraction,

It states that every thought which you have vibrates, every thought gives out a signal and attracts a matching signal so you draws or attracts what you think of though it may be good or bad for you, you will get what you think.

The thought which you repeats again and again gets integrated into your subconscious mind.
Now you will say what is subconscious mind?

Brain works on two principals one is the conscious mind and the other is subconscious mind.

Conscious mind is the reasoning one, the one you have control with i.e. Voluntary control
Other is Subconscious mind this is involuntary you cannot control it.

This subconscious mind has some powers within it.

It works on our thoughts process, the thought which is repeated again & again gets noticed by this subconscious mind and it starts to manifest, or works on it in making that thought come true by the law of attraction.

Subconsious mind cant compare between good and bad things so It doesn’t matter whether your thought is positive or negative,

if it is positive thought you will definitely get positive results and if it is negative you are going to get what you dont want or have negative Result.

For e.g. : when you first time drive a car you give your full attention and concentration while you drive in changing the gears looking into side mirror etc, etc

but as the time goes you get experienced in driving your car, And after few days without giving any attention to driving the car, e.g. changing the gears, strapping the seatbelt etc, you drive it without any effort or any attention giving to changing the gear & other you get programmed to drive.

(This is because of your subconscious mind)

Same is with the thought process if a thought is repeated again and again no matter whether it is positive or negative it will become a reality in your life.

Techniques to Attract Money:

Attract Money with few simple techniques
I have mentioned below some techniques which will help you to become a money magnet by using the simple techniques through which Money will flow to you from everywhere.

Everything in this universe is having energy so money is also a energy which can be attracted.

Are you suffering from the financial crisis or having a feeling of lacking then you better change your mind and thoughts

because it will keep on attracting things and circumstances which will create a situation of financial crisis.

See the universe or the world in which you live have everything in abundance and it can give anything you want or desire to have, No one is born as a looser or winner it is our thoughts which makes us looser or a successful man.

Only thing you have to do is to focus and give energy to your thoughts by giving them attention, emotions and feelings.

You should not give your energy to negative thoughts.

Remember that you don’t serve money, money serves you


Always decide how much you want, and decide the desired date to get that amount,

Now after you know the desired amount and the time period in which you want to have Money.

For E.g. 1000$ in 3 months

Amount and time should be such that, you should be able to achieve,
don’t go on dreaming that you will have a million dollars in one month.

So the amount should be achievable in the desired time period ask your inner-self whether it is achievable or not you will get the answer.

Respect yourself and others learn to love yourself as you are.

Now after you have set up a amount and time

Make a positive statements which you will repeat it everyday orally or by writing.

For e.g. I am on the success path of earning your amount within this date(your date or month in which you are willing to get the desired amount)

You can make your own positive sentence and repeat it everyday in a relaxed state be careful that no contradicting thought should come into your mind.

Some of the good timing is to repeat your statement before going to bed or after getting up in the morning as your eyes opens but repeat it laying into your bed.

Also it is good to repeat your sentence loudly so that you can hear it this can be done any time during the day.

Assume that you are alreading having the desired amount with you right now and plan what you will do with the desired amount, things which you will buy and invest in, donate for charity etc.

This is important because if you will feel having that desired amount right now this will attract the amount more rapidly.

Repeat the statement mentioned below daily for few days and see the results.

I am a Money Magnet.
Money is getting attracted towards me from everywhere.
Money is coming to me from my left and right.
Feel like you are a magnet to money and money is getting attracted towards you.

These statements are known as affirmations.

Affirmations are very powerful and it may create wonders for you.

Affirmations along with the feeling are more powerful.

Visualization Technique

Give energy to your statement by visualizing the power and freedom YOU will have when YOU will have the desired amount of MONEY or thing else you wish to have.


I am providing you some links from you tube which will be very useful to you

Reference Videos

Watch this video daily for few days.


Do meditation this is powerful tool for attracting the desired amount don’t think the path from which you are going to achieve your desired money instead have deep look on the resources you currently have.

Meditation gives a very focused energy to your thoughts and it creates wonders.

How to meditate?

Before falling asleep in your bed do this.

Lay on your bed take deep breaths and concentrate on the air coming and going out of your nostrils.

Now relax your body by saying to yourself that your legs are relaxed stretch your legs a bit,
now go to your spinal cord and say my spinal cord is relaxed, and uptill you come to your head.

Now there is technique in getting into the alpha state which is EXTREMELY POWERFUL in attracting things you want.

That I will explain you later.

Do this all this which I explained for atleast one month and you will come to me and say that yes

I am really a MONEY Magnet.

I am writing a e-book and i will post it here for free download and that book is going to help many come out of there financial crisis.

& also some videos as well.

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  1. Do you know hypnosis ? Do you also know a positive thought can be useful to treat any kind of disease if a person have. How our positive thought can be adopted by a consious mind.

  2. Yes Positive thoughts can cure a disease very fast but it doesnt say that you stop your medications for your disease.

    You can meditate and achieve the alpha state by the help of various techniques which suites you best