Saturday, February 28, 2009

Faith & Belief

Faith & Belief are the two things which you should have in order to receive anything you are willing to have.

The things you want to have in your life doesn't come to you in a day or week.

You should give energy and focus to what you are willing to have in life. As you repeat a thought again and again this will attract the things and circumstances to fullfil your desire.

If you repeat your desire everyday by assuming that you already have or having pleasure by thinking of having that thing with you. Your desire will turn into a belief and one day it will get manifested if you have faith & Belief on your desire to have the thing.

Money can be attracted to any one if he dont have any negative belief on money,

Money gets repelled if you have any negative feeling or any jealousy with others who are earning more of money.
And same applies to everything which you desire to have in your life.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Money Magnet

I have seen people running after money everytime.

So what do you think money is..i tell you its nothing but a piece of paper, it is we human beings which give importance to things in life. So we have made money valuable right.

So if you have a mindset that money will always come to you with no effort or less effort then it will surely come to you without any effort money earning ideas will automatically come to you.

It is all about the realtionship with the money you have if you hate money or think that money is evil or any kind of negative feeling towards the money will always make money go away from you.

Money is nothing but an energy which can be attracted. You can become a Money magnet with belief in mind that you are really a money magnet.

Imagine or visualize yourself as a Money Magnet

The most important thing is to learn how to attract things with the help of Law of Attraction.

If you know how things can be attracted then you will never be left without money, job or anything you want.

The first thing is to create a desire within you to earn money. You should love money and money will love you and get attracted towards you.

have a mind set that money works for you and it will deinitly work for you.

Once you have desire then convert it into a burning desire this burning desire will get incorporated into your mind.

Then your burning desire after some time will become a belief this belief along with faith creates wonders in life.

Seek the help of God and pray to god with faith & belief, God is the most merciful in this universe and your prayer will definitly get answered. Pray to God and have patience within you and you will get the answer to your prayer.

So in the end three things to keep in mind Create a Desire, then have belief and faith that your desire will get fullfilled and have patience.

Always give some part of your money in charity which comes to you. This will boost more & more flow of money into your life.

To understand more about Law of Attraction Click Here

Note. Always create goals to achieve whatever you want in life goals keeps you focused and use the law of attraction with your goals and you will see some very good results in acheiving goals in your life. For some good tips on acheiving goals click here

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Affirmations can be very useful if they are used in a proper way.

Affirmations are small positive statements which are meant to be repeated.

Affirmations Should be repeated everyday in a loud voice and you should try to write down your affirmations everyday.

Feelings whould be there when you repeat your affirmations.

After repeating affirmations everyday you will deliever your message to your sunconscious mind and this subconscious mind will attract things and circumstances to manifest your affirmations into reality.

Every Self-Improvement Teachers or Leaders recommend for affirmations.

your affirmations should be always positive.

Suppose you want to get rich one of the famous affirmations is this

I am aMoney Magnet.
I am attracting money from every where without any effort.

After repeating your affirmations for few days or months you will notice that your affirmations will get transformed into belief and when you have faith in your belief your affirmations will turn into reality for sure.

My Next post will be on belief & faith

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Importance of Meditation

Meditation gives a peace of mind

Meditation is done to get rid of the thoughts running through the mind every second.

It is a art of making mind blank no thoughts.

Meditation should be done everyday. As you will do meditation everyday you will acheive peace of mind and an energy will be created within you.

Timing for doing meditation - It can be done anytime during the day but best is to do it in the morning or before going to bed.

Another use of meditation can be used to focus and programme your subconsious mind now you will say what is programming of subconsious mind.

If you repeat a thought with enough concentration its get integrated into subconsious mind and this subconsious mind attracts things and circumstances to manifest your thought.

Meditation can be used to focus on a thought give energy to a thought.

For e.g you want a car you wish to have.

So do this

Before going to bed calm your self relax your whole body and then enter into alpha state.

Once you get into alpha state you will feel very calm and peace of mind.

Now play your thought into your mind as if you already have that desired car and you are driving the car enjoy that as if it is real and then do various things with your car play your stereo system of your car etc etc...

So meditation is very good for getting things achieved in your life and plus for a good health.

I have been doing meditation from quiet a long time and i have seen results getting manifested.

I will be writing a breif procedure to get into alpha state and the art of meditation.

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