Saturday, February 14, 2009


Affirmations can be very useful if they are used in a proper way.

Affirmations are small positive statements which are meant to be repeated.

Affirmations Should be repeated everyday in a loud voice and you should try to write down your affirmations everyday.

Feelings whould be there when you repeat your affirmations.

After repeating affirmations everyday you will deliever your message to your sunconscious mind and this subconscious mind will attract things and circumstances to manifest your affirmations into reality.

Every Self-Improvement Teachers or Leaders recommend for affirmations.

your affirmations should be always positive.

Suppose you want to get rich one of the famous affirmations is this

I am aMoney Magnet.
I am attracting money from every where without any effort.

After repeating your affirmations for few days or months you will notice that your affirmations will get transformed into belief and when you have faith in your belief your affirmations will turn into reality for sure.

My Next post will be on belief & faith

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